Season 2, Episode 46


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29th March, 2016
27th April, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 46: With Dire arriving on the scene, the villain Chromo sarcastically greets him shocking the hero as he recognises Chromo to be his old friend Jimmy. In a flashback that tells of Dire's and Chromo's shared pasts, Dire finds out that Chromo doesn't know about their former master's situation. Dire then telepathically contacts Succubus and tells her to transmit his thoughts to everyone: his former master Apache was the top member of the Committee and built a hideout in Leaf City; as such Apache probably possessed either the 2nd or 3rd Nine Stuff. Chromo then reveals that Dire's news was the best he'd heard in a while and says the villains will also head to Leaf City, shocking Dire before revealing that villains had multiple special skills nowadays. At that, Dire, Limpid, Phoenix and Hacky headed for Leaf City.

Chromo attempted to stop them but Nightmare interrupted his efforts. With the villain telling the androids to kill them all, Nightmare unleashed an incredibly powerful Beam Burster ringlet that destroyed the ground beneath her, causing all the androids to fall to their destruction into the magma below. As the two begin taunting each other, Nightmare's powers suddenly go into flux again just as Chromo strikes her with a merciless uppercut, sending her falling into the magma below...


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