Season 2, Episode 45


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22nd March, 2016
20nd April, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 45: With Metheos' arrival, the villain steals Seeker's superpowers into his cape before leaving. At that, Iblis tells Chromo to kill them all, which the latter agrees on. Elsewhere, Camilla and Kyle discuss the idea of using the Anima Stone to revive Darkslug.

Chromo takes on the group and easily overwhelms them, dismembering Alex's forearms in the process; Blood Pack informs Nightmare that she can feel Alex's Forcebite with Nightmare telling her they were close. In the hideout Camilla tells Kyle that Lamia would oppose the plan to use the Anima Stone, adding that their original plan of synthesizing a gene with powerful regeneration failed. Kyle asks what the Anima Stone's abilities were and Camilla informs him of them, mentioning it would be a catastrophe if it fells into the hands of the villains due to its power. Noting a 'drawback' of the power, an alarmed Kyle gets at what Camilla was inferring but she tells him that she would happily risk her own life to save Darkslug's.


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