Season 2, Episode 44


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15th March, 2016
13th April, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 44: In the villains' hideout, the Quad-Vice leader Chromo greets Metheos. Iblis derides the Quad-Vice's capabilities, noting Elfie's demise, but Chromo merely calls him fragile. Iblis then muses on Dreadpool's state and Chromo replies not to underestimate him. Meanwhile Nightmare smashes a fleeing Dreadpool back into their secret hideout. Blood Pack checks up on Cruz's condition while Dire mercilessly finishes Dreadpool off. With the dead villain split in two, Dire asks if Nightmare and Blood Pack wanted to eat on half of Dreadpool's corpse, only for the two to comically refuse.

On their way to the villains' hideout, the all prepare for landing but are instead shot out of the sky. As they all fall, they realise they are falling into an area surrounded by supublic androids. As they are fighting, Seeker is suddenly blasted through the chest. Chromo then appears, saying he needs to redeem the honour of the Quad-Vice.


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