Season 2, Episode 43


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8th March, 2016
6th April, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 43: A dying Elfie surprises Nightmare with the information he knows, causing her to prioritise returning to the secret hideout as quickly as possible. In a stealth plane, Hacky reassures Alex that Jina would be fine as long as she was with Nightmare.

In the secret hideout, Dreadpool brutalises Cruz just before Dire walks in. Hacky wonders if it was okay to leave Cruz with Dire but Seeker reassures that Dire wasn't brutal to non-villains. Back in the hideout, Dire takes a chunk out of Dreadpool's arm only to wretch at the villain's poisonous composition. Wondering where all these strong villains had appeared since his imprisonment, Dreadpool attacks him further. Dire then transforms and decides to devour every last bit of the villain before brutalising him. Dreadpool then attempts to flee only to be smashed back down again by the timely arrival of Nightmare.