Season 2, Episode 42


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1st March, 2016
30th March, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 42: Blood Pack begins fighting with Elfie and briefly holds her own before the villain starts getting dangerous. Meanwhile Nightmare wonders on her out of control superpowers. At the temporary Committee HQ, Banshee asks why Lightning was naked and he answers. She then puts herself forward to be his new sidekick, as they both had traits that suited, and he agreed.

At the secret hideout, Seeker and Succubus pool their knowledge on the 4th Nine Stuff with Hacky. In the villains' hideout, Dreadpool returns to a humbling from Metheos. Iblis asks him if Elfie would be okay and Dreadpool replies that there weren't many heroes that could handle Elfie now.

In the city, an apoplectic Elfie continues to bombard Blood Pack with slashes, but she notes that he was not as fast as her master. He finally impales her only for Nightmare to appear. Excited that he'd be able to kill both of them, Blood Pack stops Elfie's movements for Nightmare to decapitate the villain with a vicious kick to the head.


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