Season 2, Episode 38


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2nd February, 2016
2nd March, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 38: While Lightning gloats at their futility, Flare prepares to apprehend the group but Nightmare sedates him before passing out again herself.

Later, the group then travels to another of Jina's secret hideouts. Hacky muses on Lamia's condition, as well as the nature of the Triad Prana and the Nine Stuff, and comes to a conclusion about Lamia's powers.

Elsewhere Dr. Max marvels at his latest android model, the SC-9. One-Eyed Shadow then appears, startling Dr. Max, before criticising the scientist for his current set of creations. Dr. Max retorts and sets his models on the supublic, who quickly disposes of them. One-Eyed Shadow then escapes as Dr. Max gets ready to release more androids. Outside, One-Eyed Shadow reports back to the powerless Camilla who reasons that the third Nine Stuff may be able to resurrect Darkslug.


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