Season 2, Episode 37


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26th January, 2016
24th February, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 37: At their hideout Iblis pours Holy Fluid down Metheos' throat in an attempt to revive him. Her mind control then breaks and Sieg breaks free before attacking her for going too far.

Cruz gives his diagnosis on the three injured supublics, adding that it was fortunate their self-healing powers activated after the Golden Candle was pulled out. Hacky and Cruz then converse about their location and about Metheos and his organisation. Meanwhile Sieg's attack on Iblis is stopped by the revived Metheos who brutally mows down Sieg before retaking his superpowers and mantle (much to Iblis' delight).

Nightmare has flashbacks to her time with Theo in her comatose state and Limpid strongly puts forward the idea of stopping Lightning from doing any worse. Just then Hacky connects and the group see the video signal sent by Lightning informing all the heroes that Cruz, Nightmare, Blood Pack, Limpid, Phoenix and Hacky were the villains. As the group raged due to Lightning's actions, their hideout is attacked by a blast of flames. While Seeker naively questions Lightning's motives, Flare reveals himself to the group with Limpid recognising him instantly.


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