Season 2, Episode 34


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5th January, 2016
3rd February, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 34: Due to Lightning's untimely interference, the Iblis-controlled Sieg manages to retrieve the Holy Fluid from Limpid and then drinks it, receiving its powerful effect. Dire then appears behind him and attacks, but Iblis informs him through Sieg that his attacks wouldn't work. Dire continues to attack but is struck fatally through the chest by an arrow-shaped Beam Burster from Sieg.

Down below Lightning feigns incapacitation while Jina notes the 5th Committee Executive's ailing condition. She resolves to slow down Sieg enough so that her colleagues could arrive. She and Alex attack but Sieg overwhelms them. However before Sieg can crush them, Nightmare appears and stops his movements before saying that she would tear him apart for destroying her wine collection.


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