Season 2, Episode 32


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22nd December, 2015
20th January, 2016
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Season 2, Episode 32: Nightmare, angered that her wine stash had been destroyed, destroys all of the remaining android clones that had arrived in one fell swoop; elsewhere, Dr. Max looks on dejectedly as he realises all his creations had been destroyed again.

Meanwhile Dire turns the tables and begins to brutalise Sieg. In the compound, Hacky reveals that the old woman Jina saved was actually Hellen the 5th Executive Committee member. Outside, Hacky realises Seeker had retrieved the Holy Fluid and looks on in horror when Sieg crashes into the hero. With Dire arriving and telling Sieg to be thankful he was spared, Seeker absentmindedly reveals that the Holy Fluid was nearby, alerting Sieg to its presence much to his and Iblis' delight.


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