Season 2, Episode 3


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2nd June, 2015
1st July, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 3: Lamia tells the villain that she would've put him to sleep but she changed her mind, before noting that since she had consumed alcohol a quick death was out of the question. The villain wonders what she is babbling on about until she strikes him with a powerful blow and reveals herself to be the hero, Nightmare. Nightmare then proceeds to ruthlessly annihilate the villain, leaving him in a bloodied state.
Receiving a call on her phone, Nightmare tells the Jina to arrest the villain, before she flies away.

In an office, an employee complains about Lamia with another reading about Nightmare in the newspaper. Lamia then bursts in, apologising for being late. The latter employee notes that she smells of alcohol, calling her out on her behaviour but she manages to get away. A woman then asks for her and Lamia recognises her from before. Before the woman can say anymore, Lamia pins her against the wall and asks how she was found. The woman introduces herself as Jina Ellison and tells Lamia that she is now Nightmare's sidekick.