Season 2, Episode 23


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20th October, 2015
18th November, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 23: With the Committee guard revived, Seeker attempts to ask her where the Committee member was but she bluntly refuses to answer due to the regulations. Dire sees no use for her as a result and moves to eliminate her, but not before she uses one of the Nine Stuff to greatly amplify her superpowers.

Mybee contacts Iblis and tells her of her situation and in response, Iblis gets Dr. Max to send over some of his new S-Creature androids to aid in retrieving the Committee member. Meanwhile Limpid figures out her next move when the three strange androids appear in front of her, carrying the Executive Committee guard leader.

Nightmare lands and asks Sieg what his motivations were but her retorts that he didn't have to answer to her. Launching in to attack, Sieg uses his special skill to surround Nightmare and Blood Pack. Taking the sidekick hostage, he threatens Nightmare but she instead performs actions that enables Blood Pack to retaliate fiercely.