Season 2, Episode 21


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6th October, 2015
4th November, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 21: Limpid reveals her knowledge of Sieg's past causing him to attack and injure Phoenix. Elsewhere Lightning discloses his plans to retrieve the Nine Stuff personally once the Committee member was found.

Mybee encounters the Committee member's security team and makes quick work of them. After Seeker notices, the two arrive and Dire instantly attacks the supervillain, who manages to wriggle free. The two then face off with Seeker noting how crazy they both were. Meanwhile Nightmare and Blood Pack head towards Limpid's location until their air bike begins to malfunction.

Sieg slices Phoenix's other arm and calls out Limpid on cowardly hero behaviour. However Limpid merely states that it was because Phoenix couldn't be killed easily. Sieg reveals his curiosity on the high-speed regeneration skill and Phoenix gives a confident reply. As Sieg attacks again, Limpid disarms him of his sword. Sieg then confidently apologises for making them think he was strong only because of his sword.