Season 2, Episode 20


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29nd September, 2015
28nd October, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 20: With Metheos in a comatose state, Iblis transfers more power into Mybee. In the temporary Committee building, Seeker gets acquainted with his new sidekick Dire. Concurrently with this, Sieg recalls Dire's history and uses it to justify his actions in eliminating either villains or heroes to the security team leader of the 5th Committee executive. Just then Limpid and Phoenix appear with the former satisfied that she might kill two birds with one stone.

Hacky briefs Nightmare and Jina on Limpid's situation and tells them to go and aid her. As the two are leaving, Nightmare names Jina "Blood Pack". As Jina complains of the awful naming, Nightmare tells her that the people looking for the 5th Committee executive probably already know where she is. As she is saying this, the various superheroes and villains are making their way towards the same location.