Season 2, Episode 2


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26th May, 2015
24th June, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 2: After the villain kicks Jina away, she is monitored by an unknown man who tells Metaroid he won't be needed. Metaroid says it's a shame that they only ran into snipers but says to leave it to the brat.

At the building, the masked man notices that all the officers were asleep. He goes to escape but notices that the hostage is his 'type'. Just then, she jumps on him and tells him to stay still as she removes her jacket. The police officers wake up and see the masked man sleeping as well. As the man's dream turns into a nightmare, they cuff him and leave him be.

Meanwhile Jina continues to fight the villain but he overwhelms her and quickly subdues Jina. Hauling her over his shoulder, the villain turns to leave until he notices alcohol dripping on his head. Looking up, he sees a woman in the air above him who tells him that a quick and easy death was out of the question...