Season 2, Episode 12


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4th August, 2015
2nd September, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 12: Having grievously injured Thomas Ellison, the shady scientist reveals that Alex was able to attack Jina because the cyborg was under his control. Meanwhile, Nightmare notes a resemblance between Alex and her former master before getting punched away by the cyborg.

Jina then tells Alex she would stop him as she had his level of powers know too, thanks to the Forcebite, which Seeker also notices. However, despite the two having the same base level of superpowers, Alex quickly overpowers and overwhelms Jina due to better synchronisation and utilisation of his superpowers.

Alex then proceeds to attack the fleeing scientists and Jina, remembering Lamia's words from before, but herself in the way of his attack to protect them. Seeker tries to attack Alex but realises he doesn't have enough power left and, as Alex moves to finish Jina off, Seeker notices that Nightmare was simply sitting down and watching with a casual smile on her face...