Season 2, Episode 11


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28th July, 2015
26th August, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 11: With missiles heading directly towards Nightmare and Jina, the former throws the latter out of their way before destroying the missiles with her powers with Jina getting rid of the rest with her own powers.

Having defeated two of the Alex clones, Seeker is getting overwhelmed by the third when he notices a large superpower heading his way. Just then Nightmare and Jina arrive at the facility, destroying its defences and alerting their presence to Mr. Ellison and his ally. As Jina tells Alex not to kill Seeker, the man tells Mr. Ellison that Alex had been programmed not to harm Jina up until now, with the Alex clone firing its Beam Burster at Jina. However Nightmare destroys its head with a Beam Burster, preventing it from harming Jina.

The man then orders for all the available clones to be activated, causing an army of Alex's to walk forward. Nightmare says that flying such a distance has drained her of her powers and Jina agrees that there were too many to fight. However Nightmare tells her that she actually meant that the number of Alex's was just right before proceeding to completely annihilate the multitude of Alex clones before her.

With her curb-stomp battle complete, Nightmare wonders what all the clones were for but Jina asks her what she was going to do now that the powers she had just used had been stored in the Forcebites inside the Alex clones. Nightmare replies why Jina was just telling her now, but she replies she had been telling her the whole time. The man then says that the incredible amount of stored power would be enough to solve their power problem before unveiling the complete Alex...