Season 2, Episode 10


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21st July, 2015
19th August, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 10: Seeker and his sidekick reach the compound and the latter opens the metal doors with her magnetism superpower. They immediately encounter a multitude of guards who fire their guns in vain, with Seeker's sidekick making short work of them using her power. Coming up to an even larger metal door, Seeker smashes it down with a heavy punch.

Flying towards the compound, Nightmare asks Jina what the "Alex Project" is and she reluctantly replies that Alex is a clone and through bionic engineering they were able to create an artificial supublic. Nightmare wonders how this was possible without the First Prana while in the compound, Thomas Ellison and his ally note the arrival of Seeker and his sidekick and add that with Nightmare's powers the problems with Alex would be resolved.

In the room, Seeker muses how strange the Alex's were for having superpowers and added they were quite strong. The three Alex clones attack and eventually end up brutally killing Seeker's sidekick. Meanwhile Jina continues to inform Nightmare of the "Alex Project" whilst Seeker fights a losing battle against the three Alex clones. Jina finishes by saying that her own powers came from a piece of "Forcebite" that she secretly stole from her father. Nightmare can't believe something like that existed in the Committee and wonders why "he" didn't tell her anything. Nightmare then asks if they were far off and Jina says that it was in the direction of the incoming missiles, much to Nightmare's chagrin.