Season 2, Episode 1


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19th May, 2015
17th June, 2015
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Season 2, Episode 1: The Jina arrives in the city and notices there were people missing here too. She then wonders where she can find Nightmare.

Some masked people are holding up a building but one of their hostages, an ex-special forces member, decides to take down the leader. Unfortunately the leader is a villain and the man is thrown out of the window. As the news of the crime spreads on the news, the police rush to the scene, commenting that heroes weren't coming to help and the generation of heroes was over.

The masked men decide to make the situation flashier to attract heroes by killing hostages every five minutes. As they take a hostage to a window and prepare to kill the man, Jina swoops in, kicks the offender away before taking out the other masked men and finally kicking the leader out of the building. As the villain lands destructively on the ground, he goads Jina causing her to powerfully kick him away again. As she notes the situation she is suddenly struck by the villain who says it has been a while since he had seen a hero.

In the building, the hostages flee since their captors were unconscious and one more of the masked men arrives, only to shoot his ally dead for accidentally startling him. He wonders what he should do until he sees one more hostage left behind. He brings the hostage outside and demands to be given a car to escape in. The police see the hostage and are surprised to find she is drunk on wine.