Episode 2


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25th March, 2014
1st July, 2014
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Episode 2: With Darkslug flying away as soon as he had arrived, Captain Rodriguez prepares to take out his anger on Dream Girl instead. With Dream Girl realising that it was not a simulation after all, her anger at Darkslug allows her to regain her super powers and she frees herself from Rodriguez's grip before retaliating with an attack of her own.

However, despite getting her powers back, she proves to be no match for the villain and Captain Rodriguez overwhelms Dream Girl and savagely tells her he would take his revenge on Darkslug out on her by dismembering her right leg and left arm. However before Rodriguez can do so, Dream Girl uses all her remaining power to knock him unconscious via her special ability. Hauling him over her shoulder, Dream Girl throws him into the ocean but as she turns to leave, she is blasted from behind by Captain Rodriguez who tells her that the very reason he did piracy was because he was more powerful in the ocean.

Before Captain Rodriguez can finish her off, he is suddenly put in a headlock from behind by the mysterious man from before who then tells Rodriguez that he would send all villains to hell. The two then fall into the ocean whilst a dazed Dream Girl notices that a rescue team had arrived. With the children back in safety, Dream Girl wonders who the man is before noting that he was neither a superhero or a sidekick.

Much later, in the day, the corpse of Captain Rodriguez washes up on the rocks of the shore, with the mysterious man walking away from the scene.