Episode 19


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22nd July, 2014
15th October 2014
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Episode 19: In the desert surrounding the Villain Prison, Dream Girl is helping Lightning's sidekick who was injured trying to slow down Pluton. He tells her to go call for help but she says she can't leave him. Just then, Pluton appears readying to attack the two sidekicks.

In the prison facility Phantom tells of everything getting twisted and calls out some of the people around him on their actions, including Lightning. The hero attacks him in anger but Phantom easily puts him under mind control, adding that it was easy to control people in the vicinity. An invisible Limpid attacks Phantom and the latter orders Lightning to kill everyone in response. Limpid tells Theo and Olivia to go after Pluton while she deals with Lightning and Phantom.

Theo and Olivia then get into a desert buggy and head out into the desert to find Lamia and Pluton. Meanwhile, Lightning's sidekick attempts to fend off Pluton but is effortlessly disabled and killed. Pluton then turns on Dream Girl with a smile on his face. Olivia then communicates with Dream Girl telepathically and tracks her allowing her and Theo to find her. Theo then strikes Pluton, sending him backwards before telling Lamia that he had saved her more times than she had saved him.