Episode 18


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15th July, 2014
8th October 2014
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Episode 18: With a gaping hole in the roof, they see that Pluton has escaped. Limpid says she is going to follow them, against Lightning judgement, and the others follow her. Olivia awakens and grabs Theo as he runs past, telling him telepathically that "he" was Phantom.

We are treated to Olivia's flashback of when Lamia had just arrived at the Academy, as well as Olivia's initial perceptions of Lamia. After five years, they all took part in a final test to be Darkslug's sidekick, with Darkslug watching it all on monitors. Despite coming first in the test, Lamia was chosen as Darkslug's sidekick, much to Olivia's immense confusion.

Back in the present, Olivia telepathically reveals that Ryan was the real Phantom just as he blasts Limpid from behind. He then tells them he was trying to leave quietly with Pluton, but things had got complicated.


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