Episode 15


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24th June, 2014
17th September 2014
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Chapter 15: Judy frantically screams out to Olivia as the door shuts with Dream Girl telling her to calm down; behind them, Pluton smiles deviously. As the siren continues to blare, the heroes in the facility ignore it whilst Theo manages to climb back up to the roof of the prison before heading down to Pluton's level, bumping into Ryan on the way. Ryan tells him that Judy and a sidekick were trapped inside Pluton's room and that he was going to get the heroes, but Theo confidently implies he would deal with the situation himself.

In the Committee's prison, Camilla and Kyle visit an inmate with Kyle proclaiming it was Phantom. The man pleads his innocence and, after snatching the mask, Kyle notes that the man wasn't Phantom at the moment. Meanwhile, at the 13th Villain Prison, Theo reaches Pluton's level and fruitlessly tries to open the door; corpsmen then arrive behind him. Back in the Committee's prison, Kyle corroborates the man's innocence by explaining that Phantom was able to control the man from far away using the mask using his powerful Mind Control; he adds that no villain has ever seen the real Phantom.

Theo is suddenly attacked from behind by Olivia who tells him that once the door opens, Pluton will be freed. She then commands the other corpsmen to eliminate Theo and they all proceed to swarm him.