Episode 14


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17th June, 2014
10th September, 2014
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Episode 14: Theo muses on what he overheard when Olivia comes up to him and telepathically tells him it's time. Theo rebukes her for trying to use him and she retaliates by knocking him over the edge of the prison and pretending to have been hurt. Another recruit asked her what happened and she feigns ignorance before telling Judy it's time.

Sergeant Taylor greets Dream Girl and tells her to execute her duties while they take care of a deserter. Lightning then appears behind Dream Girl and asks where his sidekick is but she didn't know. She then went to the lower level to check if he had gone there. Upon reaching, Dream Girl sees Judy and asks if she had seen Lightning's sidekick with her replying she hadn't. They then open the door and are shocked when Pluton grabs a recruit and hurls him at a passing Dream Girl. Dream Girl wonders how the restraining device could've been broken, as only heroes and sidekicks could unlock it, until she sees Lightning's sidekick lying in a heap on his back.

Meanwhile Judy attempts to assault Pluton but she is immediately overwhelmed. Dream Girl then operates the controls to seal the door again so Pluton couldn't escape, much to Judy's horror. As the door closes, Judy rushes to escape and she screams out at Olivia who is watching the door close with a smile on the other side.