Episode 11


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27th May, 2014
20th August, 2014
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Episode 11: Darkslug tells Lamia that she would have to pay the price for destroying his favourite car by having a sponsor on her sidekick suit. Lamia once more thinks that Darkslug is trash. Elsewhere, on an Under Corps aircraft headed for the 13th Villain Prison, Theo has an eye-opening encounter with some other new recruits.

Camilla informs three heroes about the villain 'Pluton', about reports of a problem with security at the prison housing him and finally telling them that he needed to be transferred to another prison. Darkslug wonders why he has to go and asks if he can just send Dream Girl instead. On the Under Corps aircraft, Theo becomes aware of another recruit's unique power when she communicates telepathically with him. Meanwhile, in the Villain Prison, Pluton smirks inside his containment.


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