Episode 10


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20th May, 2014
13th August 2014
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Episode 10: Dream Girl is surprised when her use of Theo's body as a weapon allows her to destroy Metaroid's right arm. Limpid decides it was time to intervene after seeing Metaroid get serious and leaps down but, before she can land her strike, Dream Girl launches Theo at Metaroid. Theo smashes straight through Metaroid's body, defeating him, and Limpid inadvertently lands an after-strike on the already floored Metaroid.
Suddenly out of nowhere, the media arrives and glorify both Limpid and the well-timed arriving Darkslug for 'defeating' Metaroid.

Afterwards, the medical director notes in curiosity that Theo was fine despite what he had endured but Camilla and Kyle play it down. Lindsay then tells Camilla that Theo failed the test and Camilla concedes that he would have to pay the price for not being up to the standards of a potential 'hero'.

Elsewhere, Lamia is showering and wondering about Theo's power. When she gets out, she is shocked to see Darkslug in the women's shower room holding her suit. He then says that enough was enough and she had to pay the price for destroying his favourite car...