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18th March, 2014
1st July 2014
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Episode 1: With Dream Girl still floating helplessly in the ocean, she notices a ship in the distance and calls out for help. She then daydreams of the moment she applied to become Darkslug's sidekick and notes that she now realises what a horrible boss he was.

Dream Girl is then smacked awake by a man concealing his identity who asks who she is before freeing her and telling her to get off the ship. Explaining that her powers were currently unusable he chastises her but tells her to follow him to get off the ship. On their way, Dream Girl notices children trapped aboard the ship and demands to know what was going on, calling the man out. The man merely brushes her aside and tells her they wouldn't be able to escape anyway as the captain would kill them. Dream Girl then comes to the conclusion that it was all a simulation test and begins spouting heroic statements, confusing the man.

Just then, he is blasted out of the ship and Captain Rodriguez welcomes Dream Girl to his ship. With the latter still believing it to be a simulation, she is overwhelmed by Rodriguez until Darkslug arrives. Dream Girl hallucinates that Darkslug is congratulating her on passing the test, but he jolts her back to focus and tells her he came looking for her before giving her orders to get him some wine. He then promptly left, causing an angry Captain Rodriguez to attack Dream Girl, who realises it wasn't a simulation.