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11th March, 2014
1st July, 2014
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Episode 0: While on a flight, Darkslug's sidekick puts a little boy to sleep before complaining. Suddenly one of the jet engines explodes, causing the plane to veer dangerously off course. As the plane captains ask if their are any Superheroes on board, Dream Girl jumps into action, quickly changing into her costume before informing Darkslug of the situation. He merely tells her to quieten everyone, which she does, before telling her to make the silence last noting that he would be evaluating her performance next month.

The disgruntled Dream Girl jumps out of the plane and attempts to slow its descent. Seeing the ocean below her, Dream Girl alters its trajectory allowing it to crash harmlessly into the ocean. With most of the work done, Darkslug then gets changed into his costume and makes his appearance, to the applause of the public. With Darkslug in the headlines as the saviour of the plane, Dream Girl is left floating in the ocean, exhausted from her exploits.