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Bold Champion was a superhero of the Association.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Bold Champion was a very large portly man, bordering on an overweight frame. He wore a very simple outfit consisting of grey bottoms, a grey long-sleeved top which was bisected down the front by a wide white stripe, black gloves and a maroon-coloured helmet-like garment over his head leaving only his mask-covered face exposed. His black featureless mask only leaves his whited eyes visible. He had a small white cape and went barefoot.

He was an unspeaking hero who seemed to prefer action over chatter.


Bold Champion was a hero known for his courage and and strength in saving the environment and constantly going to the aid of those in crisis. Famous for assisting in sinking oil tanker accident and other large crises.[1]


Bold Champion arrived at Leaf City along with the other heroes summoned by Lightning. Seeing Dire try to attack the General, Bold Champion attacked alongside the others, launching heavy cars at him. After Dire got Lady Lash killed, Bold Champion lifted and hurled an incredibly gigantic piece of skyscraper debris at the fugitive with Green Fire following up with his powerful Beam Burster. However, having used Sickle's body as a shield, Dire flew down and killed Bold Champion and Green Fire in quick succession.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Bold Champion was a physically powerful hero, being able to lift impressively heavy masses such as oil tankers or immense parts of skyscraper debris.[2] However, while he was most likely much stronger physically than Dire, he was not as agile or swift resulting in his defeat and death.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • It's unknown what special skills Bold Champion possessed.


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