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Theo (UnderCorps)

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Blackhound was one of Darkslug and Lightning's sidekicks. He was formerly the "Villain Hunter".

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Harsh,brash,argumentative, and slightly rebellious. Theo strikes you as the angry young man who is angered at the world and its unfairness. However, despite that, Theo remains a good person inside, governed by his own moral compass of right and wrong rather than by alignments to factions and standards of good and bad.

He is particularly protective of Dream Gal and has a 'foster son' relationship to Camelia.


Theo was at first a renegade villain killer code named 'Villain Hunter'. He was then captured by the heroes and was to be taken as the sidekick of Limpid. Having failed her test, he was forced to join Undercorps before being taken under Dark Slug as a second sidekick. Since then, he's switched abit to Lightning then to Dark Slug.


Theo's father, the Guardian of the second Prana was killed by Villains. Angered by his father's death, Theo became an vigilante independent of the heroe's council and began to kill of Villains on his own, adopting the title 'Villain Hunter'.

Upon his skirmish with Captain Rodgriguez, Pietro's, member of the heroes committee ordered Dark Slug and Dream Gal to kill him on the pretext that he was operating outside their Jurisdiction and could become a threat to them.

Camelia, having a foster mother relationship with Theo once, tried to influence the committee and protested that he had done nothing evil to deserve this fate. This fell on deaf ears.

Camelia then spoke Dream Gal, asking her to covertly try to put Dark Slug to sleep to save Theo's life if things went awry.

As they went to search for Theo, they found he was already about to be killed by other villains because he had a large bounty on his head. However, one of the villains taunt's Dark Slug, causing him to dispatch them swiftly. He then goes on to battle Theo.

As they fight,Theo angrily scoffs the heroes committee and Dark Slug, saying how they were nothing a bunch of hypocrites. Doing things like hunting him down rather than going after the villains. Dark Slug replies that the committee is needed to govern the supublics, to train them to responsibly use their powers, and how the heroes earned their capes through blood sweat and doing the right thing.

Darkslug eventaully defeats Theo, but before he lands the finishing blow, Dream Gal puts him to sleep and the Camellia and her sidekick, the one eyed Shadow take Theo away.

The Hero's committee question Camelia, who puts her position on the line and asks for one more chance, saying she was elected by the heroes who believe in her.

After Theo is freed, he rejects Camelia's offer to join the heroes. Camelia agrees, but taunts and goads Theo into battling Dream Gal and having the outcome of the battle decide his fate. Theo is of course, defeated and thus forced to join up as a sidekick.

He is taken to Limpid who tests him in a villain battle, but Limpid finds him to be too reckless and he fails her test. Having no hero to take him, He has no choice but to enlist in Undercorps where all the supublics who fail to become sidekicks go. There, he gets embroiled in a plot to release Pluton, in which he fights Pluton, and holds his own againt attracting the attention of DarkSlug. DarkSlug then took him as his second Sidekick naming him 'Blackhound' over his old code name.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Second PranaEdit

Main article: Second Prana

Theo possesses the Second Prana which alters his power level proportionately to the power level of the opponent. If the opponent is strong, the Second Prana allows him to overpower the opponent by increasing his power levels. Conversely, the weaker the opponent, the less power he has. (This is the reason why he lost to Dream Girl and ended up as a sidekick.)

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • It is implied that there were romantic feelings between Lamia and Theo.